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Star Wars: KOTOR at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Read a user guide to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by NumberOne. Unfortunately I can't seem to find my "Prima's Official Strategy Guide". find one online, but I'm looking for the exact same guide (pdf possible).

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Kotor Walkthrough Pdf

This document contains unofficial errata for the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, the third supplement released for the. Star Wars. Knights of the Old Republic: Prima's Official Strategy Guide was the official Prima Games guide to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox, GameFAQs has 41 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). FAQ/Walkthrough, 09/12/03, Virgil.

Note about Dark Side points: they're very easy to come by and usually obvious, so you won't see as many DS Points in the walkthrough. LS Points are not as obvious, and sometimes doing good deeds will get you nothing except satisfaction, if even that. Therefore, we have included more of these opportunities. Introduction You can play KotOR any way you want: good, balanced or evil. Sometimes you might even feel guilty about a choice you made: help where you shouldn't have, hinder where you should have. The beauty of KotOR is that at almost any point in the game, you are not beyond redemption for good or for evil , though in the sequel, you may find it more difficult to move to the dark side than in the first. If you liked Knights of the Old Republic, you're sure to enjoy The Sith Lords as well but I would strongly recommend playing the discounted original first. Generally speaking, the gameplay and game engine of KotOR II remain almost identical with a few changes and additions, and it's another lengthy adventure. Character development offers a few more choices this time around, with new powers and lots of new items, and the inventory system has been slightly reworked for the better, especially weapon switching. For all intents and purposes, the game takes away the level cap, so you can become as powerful as there are enemies and quests in the game. A reasonable level to expect in The Sith Lords while doing all quests and taking on all creatures is somewhere in the upper 20's. Advice The easiest way to play through the game is to choose a side and in general, stick with it.

It obviously cannot cover, nor would we want to spend the time, writing down the contents of every container since they are random now - life is important too. Remember to "bash" open locked footlockers and doors if your party does not have a high enough Security skill.

The Plasma Torch you receive at the beginning of the game is ideal for this, so remember that. Unlike the first game, some doors absolutely cannot be bashed, so must be either unlocked by a console or destroyed using a mine. The bugs. Save often, and use many different slots. There seems to be an occasional random crash bug, so be sure to save. There are also several text bugs, some dialogue sound bugs not matching the text and dialogue loop bugs that may occur.

Hopefully the PC version will fix many of these problems.

Despite these, my copy was fairly stable and didn't crash often, just occasionally. Most of all, have fun and play any way you want On with the Walkthrough FAQ. Walkthrough FAQ I have some advice, new quest information or a correction to submit.

Would it be inappropriate for me to do so? You can help significantly with that by providing corrections or quest information where needed, or advice with an easier non-exploit or cheating solution.

Advice of the strategical kind might be better suited to our Strategy Guides section rather than the walkthrough. For a walkthrough submission, send us an e-mail here!. The framerate is often slower in the second game, especially in battles with many opponents, and the load times are longer.

The inventory system has been reworked to allow two sets of weapons, and the interface command bar now allows for switching the two sets with the click of a button, a much needed addition. New to KotOR II is the ability to influence your party members' alignment by your own dialogue with them and choices that you make. There is now a Workbench and Lab Station where you can break down items into components and chemicals to create brand new items of your own depending on skill. There are also lots of new items and some new powers and feats, as well as items that are randomly generated in containers, rather than being in a specific place.

Finally, there are new Prestige Classes that you can reach once you hit level 15, and there is no level cap.. What's the best order to do the planets? Are the planets in the walkthrough set up in any order? There really is no best order. Yet after much thought and play testing and rearranging, I've finally settled on this order to present the walkthrough, the main reason being the flow and excitement seemed to be best.

Other walkthroughs including the Prima Guide list Nar Shaddaa as first, but here it is second. The reason is that in my opinion, it is the most substantial planet in both quest complexity and overall difficulty, and by placing it second, you should be easily the equal to any challenge it can throw your way and still have time to use the party member you pick up there by the end of the game.

But I'll reiterate what I said before: How do I get to Dxun? I don't see that on the Galaxy Map. The story will take you there when you simply select Onderon.. At what level can I become a Prestige Class? Talk to Kreia any time after level 15, with significant Light or Dark alignment and you'll get to make your decision..

How do the Workbench and Lab Station work? They now allow you to create nearly all of the good upgrades and some of the best items in the game using your skills. All skills are used except Persuade, and the higher the party member using the Workbench or Lab Station is, the more you will see available for creation. The highest skill requirement I believe is 32 in some cases. This includes all of your bonuses for equipment, etc.

When you create weapons, armor and upgrades, you'll use the generic "components" for each item created. To use the Lab Station for creating healing supplies, stims and the like, you'll need the generic "chemicals" for each item created. Apart from finding components and chemicals everywhere, the only way of getting them is to break down your found or bought items.

I would suggest instead of breaking down your item into components or chemicals, selling off your unneeded items for a lot of credits, and then downloading either Advanced Medpacs or Frag Grenades Your money will go a lot further by doing it this way.. Your walkthrough doesn't have all the items in every bin, container and locker. There are two good reasons. You can have most or none of the best items by the end of the game, but are likely to have at least several if you search everywhere.

Secondly, if we listed every medpac, repair kit or repair parts that you could find in the game, you would stop reading where any sort of item list began because it would all start to look the same. You'll probably end up searching all the containers anyway. We will however list the most important items you come across that are not randomized. By doing it this way, you won't miss any significant or out of the ordinary ones..

There is a Dark Side point opportunity you missed and I'd like to e-mail you about it. Unless it's out of the ordinary, please do not send it if it appears obvious, such as killing someone, threatening to kill someone, threatening someone in any way, blackmailing, or any other obvious dark deed. The reason many Dark Side opportunities are not in the walkthrough is that being mean usually doesn't really require one.

For that matter, neither does being overly generous and kind. However, in this game you are sometimes not rewarded for doing so, and we like to be thorough.. Which is better, playing the Light Side or the Dark Side? There are great force powers on each side and the game is well-balanced, so play to the side that suits your playing style.

If you don't like to read much, I'd suggest playing Dark. If you're a helping type or like to complete every quest, I'd suggest playing Light. Each of them have a different gameplay style and a unique ending which makes playing two games, one for each side, also something to consider, time permitting.

Additionally, both Light Side and Dark Side characters will have a unique character join their party some point in the game..

What are the differences between playing a male vs. The female PC has "romantic" opportunities male party members, while the male PC "romantic" opportunities with female characters in the party. You'll also get chances to roleplay each gender during the game. There is no difference in their power. Additionally, each gender will have a unique character join their party at some point during the game. In any case. You'll learn how to bash the footlocker open.

Open the main hold door. You begin as T3-M4. Use the other. It's a brief mission that will be extremely easy for all. To skip the tutorial. After you've repaired the hyperdrive: Also in the Bridge is the Galaxy Map. Leave the console alone in the room for now. Through the tutorial intro. After you've been to the Outer Hull: Main Hold Search the area for a dead body for a "locker key".

Communications Room Take T3-M4 into the room. Use either droid to enter the space between the Garage at 7 and the south corridor. The walkthrough will attempt to give you all the locations of powerful items that are NOT random.

Proceed back into the garage and use the workbench. Have your droid open the container near the bed and take the medpac. Medical Bay Here's where your main character is lying unconscious. Take all the items including an armor plating for your droid and some more parts not that you need them now for the hyperdrive. Use it to exit through the north door and take a right into the now-open Starboard Dormitory. Then have the same droid open the inner door for the now-trapped droid.

I'd suggest taking the time to learn about it while you're there. Exit Exit to Outer Hull 1. You have one droid inside the Garage. Cargo Hold T3-M4.

Engine Room Use your droid to place a mine you received from the Outer Hull next to the door just highlight the door and select the mine from the quickbar at the bottom. This will begin the sensor droid combat tutorial. Switch characters and take the droid who is waiting by the console down to the door to 8. Visiting the Outer Hull is required. Garage You've been to the Outer Hull and have read 3 above. Enter the room and use the hyperdrive at the back.

Use it on your main character to treat his or her injury. You will no longer need this character in the tutorial not even to join up with the other. Optionally invite 3D-FD to your party recommended. Create a repair kit. Back away and watch as the blast blows open the door. You may also open the locker in the room with the locker key you received from 3. Nearer the back of the hold. Equip the weapon and attack the hostile though harmless sensor droids.

By now you should have ample parts enough for the job only 5 are required. Switch characters with the black button on Xbox.

Table of Contents

See 1. Time to repair the Hyperdrive and get to Peragus. You only need five to complete the repairs. Outer Hull Your basic goal out here is to acquire the parts necessary to repair the hyperdrive. Exit Exit to Ebon Hawk 6. Exposed Wiring Use up one of your parts you'll have plenty to repair the exposed wiring and open the inside Starboard Dormitory door.

Open Hatches Search all these containers for parts. When you're through exploring the area. I'd highly recommend the Stun Droid line of force powers first. It's best gaining DS Points later in the game by trusting your allies. If you have a high enough Treat Injury you can learn a little about your Kolto Tank experience using the logs on the console.

You can return to the Kolto Tank at any time to heal yourself. That goes for the door just south of this room. A quick word of advice. As soon as you grab the torch. Medical Bay If you played the prologue.

If you're playing a Light Side character. Kreia wakes up and you'll have a cut-scene with her. This means that you can act as cruel or nice as you want.

After a cut scene. The plasma torch is your key item to bash open difficult-to-open locked doors. Party Member After you've been to 2 and opened the Morgue door. The bonus is that while you can receive a change in your own alignment right now. Any time you come across a door you can bash. The entire mining facility and in fact. Why is this good? Snatch the stealth field generator in the room and equip it on your character providing you have the Stealth skill if you want to avoid the several droids in the next large room at 9.

Kreia will be waiting on the other side of the door in the main corridor. Use the comm on the console to get in touch with T3-M4. You've been through the dormitories and have both Kreia and Atton with you.

Security Room Use the console here and check the logs to learn about the hostile droids on the level and a way of shutting them all down. They're easy. The emergency hatch at 5. Console Use the console to shut down the droids on the level if you haven't already destroyed them all. It helps tremendously in Peragus. When the battle's over.

Exit Exit to Mining Tunnels 1. When you level up your character.

Star Wars SagaEdition Knights of the Old Republic Player's GuidePrimaGuides

He's fairly easy so you probably won't have too much trouble. I would definitely recommend the Stun Droid series as you progress. Kreia helps you regain your force sensitivity. Here is where you'll encounter the lone assassination droid that's been stalking you.

Droids Squared Several mining droids inhabit this large area. Exit Exit to Dormitories Continue now through the exit at Continue with all three party members to 9a.

The door is locked until you pass through it on the other side. You can shut them all down using the console in the large room at When combat begins he'll have 4 droid mines floating nearby.

Droid Attack Before entering this room. These particular logs are required later in the Fuel Depot if you aren't putting any points into your Persuade skill.

Kotor 2 Walkthrough.pdf

See 10a above.. Equip all of your best equipment. Next use the console at Make your way up the ramp toward 2 and you'll see what I mean. Exit Exit to the Harbinger Command Deck 1. Take this exit your first time as T3-M4. Enemy Droids If you want an easy time with these droids. Party Member Taking control of the droid once more counting the Prologue. Party Member After using the console at 10 to open the prison door.

This exit will be unavailable until you defeat HK Much later. Exit Exit to Fuel Depot 9. Exit Exit to Fuel Depot 1. As usual.

You can access this exit from the other side. Enter T3-M4. Proceed to Hangar Bay 1. Locked Storage Use a mine on the door to this cave storage area to find some items. When you come back this way after having been on the Harbinger with your main party.

As soon as you try and board the Ebon Hawk.

The more you let enter. Then proceed through the nearby door on the east side of the room. I had to battle 4 Sith troopers once I enter the Ebon Hawk. You can shut it off using the console at 9. Before entering. Be prepared for a fairly large droid battle coming up. Exit Exit to The Ebon Hawk 1. My first time without help.

Console I'd recommend saving your spikes or parts and destroy the console to open the containment door. Poisonous Gas This corridor is filled with poisonous gas. Sith Wipeout. The first time here. Continue through the gas at 10 using a rebreather if you're worried into the next room and you'll be safe. Large Droid Battle Simply another droid battle. Use the parts you received from the Fuel Depot to repair. Don't forget to continue to the dead end and open the footlocker before going through the door here.

Be prepared for Mark II droids all along these corridors. Console This control terminal is damaged the first time you get to it. The next time it was just one. To continue. Mark II Droids From here until you reach the actual hangar. Once again. Exit Exit to Fuel Depot 3. No worries. The cost of shutting off the contamination is too high.

Maybe you can eliminate the threat entirely. Parts Search the broken droid and corpse which I'll give the label "containers" often in the walkthrough thoroughly for the parts you need to repair the console back in the Hangar Bay.

Fuel Depot Ultimately. The first two times. Continue to 2. Exit Exit to Hangar Bay 6. The only time you'll come through this door is with T3-M4 on his first trip. Continue down the corridor and take a left to 4. Exit Exit to Mining Tunnels 9. Arrogant HK Droid Talk to the droid for an amusing if also irritating conversation. With T3. Console Using T3-M Go there now.

Continue to 7 and search the containers in the room for a. You'll learn that it can mimic voices. The first time with your PC player character. Exit Exit to Hangar Bay 3. When you enter here. Then watch a small cut-scene. Bring it back to the HK droid and again ask about the body on the floor. Continue to Watch out for the floating mines on your way there.

Get up close. Clear them all out before proceeding to the console at I'd recommend trying to put together the code first at There is no need to use this exit unless you both could not get HK to play back the codes and did not listen to the holologs at the Administration Level 7 security terminal. If you have a high enough Persuade skill. Exit Exit to Administration Level You'll automatically don your space suit.

They're tougher than what you've faced up to this point. Exit Exit to Asteroid Exterior 1. You've just stepped off the Harbinger and are now here for the last time. Exit Exit to Engine Deck 6. Then proceed out the exit at 3 to Hangar Bay 6. Once you have access from the console at Droid Ambush As you pass this locked door. Unlock the airlock seal and proceed to Console Use the console here to shut down the field at the top of the ramp.

Console Play back the code you recorded from HK at 6. In the next short section. Large Droid Battle Several droids are here along with the maintenance droid remotes and their pesky healing ability. At the central console. After you explore the area and get the items.

Gameplay Basics

Superheated Blast Tunnel Quickly run through this short but damaging area. Atton comlinks you give you the lowdown on the level. Continue until you reach 8. Repairable Droid If you want a little help.

You'll fight many droids on the way. Mining Tunnels Your main goal here is simply to make it through the tunnels to the only exit at 9.

Exit Exit to Administration Level 6. Junction First take the southwest exit. The door will be locked. Behind each containment field is a set of spider droids you can defeat for experience. Whenever you encounter these. When finished in the area. Turn to the right and you can see him there.

Take this exit when done with the view. Atton comlinks you from inside.

Just make your way to the other side. Exit Exit to Fuel Depot 5. Take this exit to complete the Mining Tunnels. Asteroid Exterior This is probably the nicest looking area in the entire game. Shortly after.

Continue on when finished to the exit at 3. Exit Exit to Dormitories 1. You should find a Basic Ionite Edge upgrade item here on the corpse after disarming. Console You can shut down the ventilation system with enough computer spikes. Install any Ion upgrades to your vibroblade if you have them. If you manage to get it open and have found the miner's datapad at 5.

You'll need demolitions skill and a mine to open it up. Hidden Cache The door to this room is locked tight. Fire Turrets One on each side. Even if you are poisoned. Dormitories Your main goal here is to escape through the locked exit at Exit Exit to Asteroid Exterior 3. Search all of the bodies on the floor for their datapads. On the opposite side of the level. In order to accomplish that. Use Stun Droid series or your vibroblade if possible to take them out.

Now backtrack and take the east dormitory to the 6 console. Workbench Use your plasma torch if need be on the locked door to utilize this workbench. Console Stop and utilize this console. Either destroy it or enter the code above for more experience and access to the turbolift back to Administration.

Examine all of the datapads you received to begin to put together a sequence of numbers required for the override code to the turbolift at 9. Throughout the level you'll get attacked by several groups of camouflaged Sith Assassins. Atton wants you to agree with his plans generally. Exit Exit to Administration Level 4. Escape Pods.

When you enter. When finished with the logs. Console Search the entire west wing of the dormitory here. See 4a. Command Deck Your main goal here is to make it to the Crew Quarters through exit 5. Each dot represents a 1 in Roman Numeral notation. Kreia wants you to take the middle road and take her advice though she is more difficult. From this point. With enough Intelligence. The correct code is 7. Its conclusion marks the first time you can begin to influence your other party members.

Several more ambushes await you on this level. Exit Exit to Command Deck 5. Open the door and open a footlocker to discover an armband of your name. Droid Storage Open this door to find several droids. I've numbered the important stops along the way. You can also learn more about your history for a bonus quest objective. There's a divider on the south side of the room that you may mistake for a wall as I did my first time.

Briefing Room Use the console here to view holologs and for the first time. Med Lab Console Welcome to the large med lab. Your Room When you pass the door to this room. Crew Quarters Your main goal here is to make it to the Engine Deck through the exit at 6.

These are not functional. Search all the containers along the walls. Exit Exit to Crew Quarters 1. Kreia will meet the impending doom and thus remove herself from your party for a brief time. Your time on the Harbinger is at an end. Exit Exit to Crew Quarters 6. Exit Exit to Fuel Depot You still have many droids to destroy on your way out.

As soon as you step through the previous door. Console From this console. Workbench This workbench may come in handy. On the other side of the exit is the Fuel Depot and a lost friend. Sion Sighting As soon as you step across the threshold of this door. Console Use this console to activate the engine maintenance procedure. You're almost out! Engine Deck Your main goal on this rather small and quick level is to make it through the exit at 6 back to the Fuel Depot.

Exit Exit to Engine Deck 1. Onderon Dxun. Jungle Landing 1 Nar Shaddaa. If you're male. When you re-enter the Ebon Hawk and your alignment is strongly toward the Light or Dark side. The links at 1. Mandalore creates stimulants if low. Dantooine and Korriban. Khoonda Plains 1 Korriban. G0-T0 creates security tunnelers if low. Exit Exit to: Your party will react strongly to her presence.

Valley of Dark Lords 1 2. Refugee Landing Pad 1 Dantooine. Dock Module 11 Dxun by selecting Onderon on the map. You can also talk to Atton. Disciple creates healing pacs if low. After you defeat her which is not overly difficult. There is only one quest-related event here. Nar Shaddaa. In Nar Shaddaa. Several on board have the capability of creating items for you. T3-M4 creates programming spikes if you are low Mira creates grenades.

If you can persuade him to obey. The droid can make programming spikes if you're low. If you ask her to teach you her Echani technique. He is strong and can be difficult with all the other slavers nearby. You're goal will be to find Cahhmakt. He can provide healing pacs. Kreia You'll find Kreia here in the port dormitory.

G0-T0 can make security tunnelers and Mandalore creates stimulants. You can use the console here to check the cameras positioned in different areas of the Ebon Hawk. Handmaiden If you're a male character. After your battle. Before you fix up HK If not. Engine Room You'll most often find T3-M4 here.

Disciple If you're main character is female and you recruited Disciple on Dantooine. She can create grenades for the party and if persuaded. Visas This is where Visas will be. Exit Exit to Entertainment 1. Along the way. This represents the Light Side path. Next time the console rings. Dol Grenn arrives. Apartment C3 and are told to wait here at Citadel Station until a Republic ship comes to fetch you. The first time is Mozo. Telos Residential East After Peragus. Dol Grenn and his retinue.

He asks that you visit their compound in Residential West and speak with Chodo about the Telos restoration project. That's where I recommend going first even before Czerka after a little reconnaissance here in East.

Arrival After your detainment. As you try and get some rest. Your main goal on Telos is to first get your equipment in Entertainment This represents the Dark Side path When the cut-scenes are over. Info Console Use this console and download a map of the area. When you begin. After Lt. Opo Chano. Return when you're on the particular quest.

Harra in Debt Enter this apartment and you'll find Harra. Exit Exit to Residential West 1. He lost his girl. Czerka represents the Dark Side path but Light Side players will need to come here eventually if they want to complete all the quests. After looking around.

After going to the medical unit and listening to the message on the console.

Arms Deal The only way in here is to have a quest from Luxa in the Cantina. Thieving Test Take the contents from the footlocker in the room. When they are dead. Return to Luxa for the arrangement with Slusk.

You can keep them by pleading ignorance or go so far as to kill him for obvious DS Points and a possible scolding from Kreia for your brutality.

In order to get her back. Droid Parts Merchant Along with being a merchant for droid parts. When you "knock" on the door.. You cannot enter until you've completed one or more quests from either Czerka or the Ithorians and have met with Luxa in the Cantina. The Ithorian compound is here.

One of Luxa's requirements to set up a meeting with Slusk is to get back Opo Chano's debt. When she's returned. Once you have them. She tells you to rough him up a little if he cannot pay. Grenn in Entertainment Opo is an integral part of both the Dark Side and Light Side paths but you cannot initiate any quests with him.

Exit Exit to Bumani Exchange 1. Exit to Czerka Offices 1. You've spoken with the contact in the Cantina and need credentials to borrow B-4D4. The deal will be completed regardless of what you say. Batono There is no entering this door until you find out where he is from the Ithorian Chodo Habat.

The quest originates from Lt. You'll probably want to come here after visiting Entertainment and first retrieving your gear. Opo has these for 2. Entertainment Entertainment houses the Cantina. Then go tell Lt. Immoral Merchant Dendis' brother Samhan deals in fine weapons and armor. Grenn at any point. Enter the room and offer to escort him to Lt. At the beginning. You can tell Lt. Exit Exit to Residential East 3.

See Samhan and ask to be a part of his business. Once you've learned of his location. Swoop Race and meet up with your contact at the Exchange. He sells healing items and Pazaak cards. In fact. It's also the home to the TSF office. Moral Merchant Dendis has a rivalry with his brother across the room. For extra DS Points. Kill them and he'll be returned to Grenn for a reward. Grenn for a reward and LS Points. Samhan Dobo. On your way out of the apartment complex.

Agree to fetch him. You can threaten to take him to Czerka for a credit pay off for your silence. On the way out. Grenn in the TSF office about the smuggling operation to end the illicit activity and receive a reward. Use the console near the supply container to break the seal if not already previously broken by you. After getting your gear and some quests from Lt. You won't need to visit the Cantina until you have your gear from the TSF office and a few objectives that take you here.

When you persuade the Ithorian at the entrance to Hangar 2 to let you in. Hear his side and help him against the thugs. Another Ithorian will try and prevent you from taking the shield. After returning to Samhan. Exit Exit to Dock Module 1. A TSF guard will attempt to stop you. TSF Protocol Droid. You can now move on to your next mission. When they're out of the picture. After taking the shield from the locker and returning to Samhan.

Merc Bullies Your first time here. When entering the Vivarium. Exit Exit to Cantina 8. The Ithorian may threaten to call the authorities but it's only talk. Search the container for the supplies. If instead you choose to kill the Sullustan. When you've got the sample. Samhan wants you to grab medical supplies from the med lab at Residential West 8.

When the Ithorian protests. You can persuade him to allow you to take it. See 3e below. Exit Exit to Cantina 1. His first task is taking a sample from the rare Bachani plant located in the Ithorians' Vivarium at their compound. When you accept. Samhan's final favor requests that you escort him during a trade. Talk to Samhan and ask to become part of his smuggling operation. Talk to Grenn about all three bounties.

Also ask him about the fuel problem. Head to Dock Module 4 through the exit at 8. You can first show it to Lt. Grenn and solve the this bounty. Take some time to re-equip your characters and then go see Lt. You can escort him back to Grenn after fighting a couple of mercenaries on the way out.

Batu Rem. After escorting the droid from Hangar 2 to either Czerka or the Ithorians. Tell him what Jana said and he'll give you the key to Batono's apartment in Residential East He'll give you another lead: Jana Lorso of Czerka.

She'll then point you to Chodo Habat in the Ithorian compound. You can then come back to Grenn and lie to him that you killed them for a reward. Grenn at Only after talking to Lorso will Chodo give you any information about Batono.

The smuggler's quest arises once you perform the first Czerka or Ithorian quest. Three of them are bounties. He'll mention the Exchange and tell you a little about them. Talk to the droid to find out what happened to the Ebon Hawk.

You can now report back to Lt. Dol Grenn Grenn has five bonus quests for you. At any point in the operation. Batu Rem: Your only objective is to find out what happened to Batu Rem.

Date Posted: Mar 29, pm. Posts: 2. Want a custom flair text? Sound off in the monthly flair request thread! This section contains specific troubleshooting tips which address many of the most common problems experienced by Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Troubleshooting Guide. You are the Republic's only hope Detailed stats, equipment, and ability descriptions for all party For a thousand generations, the Jedi kept The series' story continued Page 2. Related articles. Page 2 of 5. The first we're going to talk about allows you to modify the game as much as… Reviewed by Karen.

Mar 14, As a Whovian i'm Very excited to see all of the Dr's included on this pattern - can't wait to work it. Swords and circuitry: A designer's guide to computer role-playing games. Roseville, CA: Prima. Digest [London]. San Francisco, CA:. The role-playing game Star Wars: Knights ofthe Old Republic incorporates the moral contrast between the light side and dark side of the Force.

Retrieved from www. April 9, Isaac, Jeffrey C. It's official. Alabama and Notre Dame have finalized a home-and-home football series for In the war for control of the galaxy between the armies of the dark side and the Republic, former Jedi Master turned ruthless Sith Lord Count Dooku has grown ever more.

Updated at. Man convicted in killing in Georgia set to be executed. Updated at PM. Treatment overkill: Older americans are hooked on vitamins despite scarce evidence they work. Apr 13 at AM.

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